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Cheering for Wellness
2024 Wellness Open Day

Harbour Sports Club will hold the 2024 Wellness Open Day in Reading on March 10th. We look forward to promoting wellness messages and gathering community strength through a series of activities beneficial to both body and mind. Whether you are a newcomer to exercise or a seasoned yoga practitioner, we welcome everyone to come and support.

Date:  10/3/2024

Time: 1pm - 5pm

Address: The Wren School, 63 Bath Rd, Reading RG30 2BB

Event Preview

Family Run:

Harbour Sports Club is working with the local community in Reading to organise a brand new Prospect junior parkrun. The junior parkrun is expected to be organised every Sunday at 9am from May onwards. junior parkrun is a great way for the whole community to come together and for you to know new local friends. We want to encourage people to jog or run and volunteer together - junior parkrun is for everyone! On the Wellness Open Day, we will lead participants to jog from The Wren School to Prospect Park, and introduce the operations and characteristics of junior parkrun along the way. We welcome family and friends to come together.

For more details about junior parkrun, please click here.

Reading's 1st Badminton Friendly Match:

A significant number of Hong Kong enthusiasts are passionate about badminton in Reading. Two teams from different areas of Reading will compete against the Reading University team. Besides the team friendship matches, there will also be open competitions in men's singles, women's singles, and mixed doubles, allowing everyone to demonstrate their abilities. This is not only a chance to exchange skills but also an opportunity to connect with fellow enthusiasts. Get your FREE tickets today and join us in cheering for the players!

Yoga Classes:

Harbour Harmonics instructors Yufi and Bronte will hold three yoga classes on the day. Offering a peaceful and focused experience for beginners to advanced practitioners.

We look forward to spending this unforgettable day of Wellness and friendship with you at the 2024 Wellness Open Day in Reading. Please follow our website, WhatsApp groups, and social media for more updates, and join us in cheering for a healthy and happy life.

Terms and Conditions

Consent and Disclaimer

1. Harbour Sports Club has secured insurance coverage for all participants. Each individual, including adults and children, must present their own ticket for participation.
2. Please come dressed in comfortable and appropriate attire suitable for the activity.

2024 Wellness Open Day 3月10日雷丁舉行

Harbour Sports Club 將於3月10日在雷丁舉行 2024 Wellness Open Day 。我們邀請您一同參與一系列有益身心的活動,宣揚健康訊息及匯集社區力量,無論您是運動新手還是持練研修的瑜伽者,我們都歡迎大家前來支持。


日期:  3月10日(星期日)

時間: 1pm - 5pm

地點: The Wren School, 63 Bath Rd, Reading RG30 2BB

親子跑活動 Family Run:

Harbour Sports Club 正與 Reading 本地社區籌辦全新的 Prospect junior parkrun,預期五月開始將於每週日 9am 於 Prospect Park 舉行 junior parkrun。junior parkrun 是讓社區齊聚、認識本地朋友的好機會,我們希望鼓勵大家一起奔跑和擔任義工。Wellness Open Day 當日我們將帶領各路朋友由 The Wren School 輕鬆緩步跑到 Prospect Park,並介紹 junior parkrun 未來的運作和特色,歡迎一家大小一起參與。

​想了解更多 junior parkrun,請按此

雷丁首辦 羽毛球友誼賽:



Harbour Harmonics 導師 Yufi 及 Bronte 將於當日舉辦三場瑜伽課堂。為初學者到進階練習者提供一個寧靜和專注的體驗。

我們期待與您一起,在雷丁的 2024 健康開放日共度這令人難忘的健康和友誼之日。請關注我們的網站、WhatsApp 社群及社交媒體緊貼更多更新資訊,一起為健康和幸福的生活喝采



1.Harbour Sports Club 已為活動購買保險,所有參加者(包括成人及兒童)須事先登記,憑票出席活動。
2. 請穿著舒適及適合運動的衣物。

The 2024 Wellness Open Day is being supported through the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities regional VCSE grant for the Hong Kong BN(O) Welcome Programme. The responsibility and ownership for any products or materials developed through the project for the event belong to Harbour Sports Club.

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