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Uncover the West London—Hong Kong Connection: Join Kong Story Run!

Experience a captivating community run and tour through Ealing, where we'll explore the remarkable ties between this town and Hong Kong. As the place where the last governor of Hong Kong, Lord Chris Patten grew up, this place holds a special significance. Lace up your running shoes and join us as we dive into the heritage and stories of this town in West London.

Our immersive run combines jogging with historical insights. Our guide will take you through key landmarks in Ealing, which will allow you to delve into the childhood and teenage life of Lord Patten.

This run isn't just about exploration; it's a chance to connect with fellow Hong Kong history enthusiasts. Forge new friendships as we jog through the town, immersing ourselves in its spirit.

Whether you're a runner, a history enthusiast, or simply curious about the ties between West London and Hong Kong, join us for this memorable experience. Visit our website to sign up before it’s gone.

See you on the starting line!

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倫敦港故跑 — 探索西倫敦與香港的情意結





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