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Types of Yoga: what are Hatha/ Vinyasa/ Yin?

Yoga beginners often get confused by the fancy yoga names - Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Ashtanga, Bikram, etc. Have you been to a class that you didn’t expect? To prevent the disappointment of going into the wrong class, THE HARBOUR will go through the different types of yoga with you, and we will start with Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin —

Hatha Yoga

In Sanskrit, "Ha" represents the sun and "Tha" represents the moon. The purpose of this type of yoga is to balance the positive and negative energies in the body. It has the following characteristics:

  • Typically a foundational form of yoga suitable for beginners.

  • Focuses mainly on static poses, holding each pose for a period before transitioning.

  • Helps improve flexibility, strength, and balance.

  • Breathing and meditation are also integral parts.

At Harbour Harmonics, our instructor Yufi Yip teaches Hatha yoga. With a rich background in athletics, including beach volleyball and handball, Yufi brings a unique depth of understanding of the human body to her Hatha yoga teaching.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa means "continuous flow". It is sometimes called Flow Yoga in yoga centres. It has the following characteristics:

  • Suitable for those who prefer dynamic practices and rhythm.

  • Transitions between poses are fluid and synchronized with the breath. For instance, a common practice is the Sun Salutation, where each movement corresponds with a breath.

  • Due to its fluidity and continuity, it can serve as a form of aerobic exercise, aiding in calorie burn.

  • The speed and difficulty of Vinyasa can vary depending on the teacher and class.

At Harbour Harmonics, our instructors Mark Cheung and Michael Ng teach Vinyasa yoga. Mark discovered yoga in 2012, initially seeking new challenges for his exercise routine. With a focus on inversions and dynamic vinyasa flows, Mark's energetic classes emphasise strength and unique sequencing. Mark encourages students to listen to their inner voice and explore the uniqueness of their bodies, fostering self-confidence and mental balance. His classes create an environment for transformative journeys, welcoming both experienced yogis and beginners.

Michael's yoga experience extends beyond traditional studio settings, as he has actively engaged in community teaching initiatives. Drawing from his experience teaching office colleagues and running communities, he possesses a deep understanding of the challenges that yoga beginners face. Through his yoga journey, he has developed effective techniques to relieve stress, combat office syndromes, and promote overall well-being.

Yin Yoga

Yin represents the passive, cool, and relaxed qualities, in contrast to Yang's active, hot, and tense qualities. It has the following characteristics:

  • Mainly targets deep connective tissues like fascia, ligaments, and joints.

  • Poses are typically held for 3 to 5 minutes, sometimes even longer.

  • This extended holding can help to relax muscles and impact deep connective tissues.

  • Beneficial for increasing flexibility, reducing stress, and aiding in meditation.

At Harbour Harmonics, Yufi also teaches Yin yoga. Being a level 2 singing bowl teacher, she recognizes and promotes the rehabilitative potential of yoga and mindful exercise. Her classes are designed to spread positivity, promote mindfulness, and provide a tranquil space for health and relaxation.

Each yoga style has its features and benefits. Come to Harbour Harmonics and try all of them!

About Harbour Harmonics

瑜伽流派:Hatha/ Vinyasa/ Yin是什麼?

瑜伽初學者經常對花俏的瑜伽名稱感到困惑 - Hatha、Vinyasa、Yin、Ashtanga、Bikram 等等。你有沒有參加過一個與你期望不符的課程?為了避免選錯課程而感到失望,THE HARBOUR 將與你一起了解各種不同的瑜伽形式!我們今期首先介紹 Hatha、Vinyasa 和 Yin:

Hatha Yoga (哈達瑜伽)

在梵文中,"Ha" 代表太陽,而 "Tha" 代表月亮。這種瑜伽的目的是平衡身體的正能量和負能量。其特點如下:

  • 通常是適合初學者的基礎瑜伽形式。

  • 主要集中於靜態姿勢,保持某一姿勢一段時間後再進行轉換。

  • 有助於提高柔韌性、力量和平衡感。

  • 呼吸和冥想也是其不可或缺的部分。

在 Harbour Harmonics,我們的教練 Yufi Yip 教授哈達瑜伽。憑藉其在沙灘排球和手球等運動中的豐富背景,Yufi 將對人體深入的理解融入她的哈達瑜伽教學中。

Vinyasa Yoga (流動瑜伽)

Vinyasa 的意思是“連續的流動”。在瑜伽中心,它有時被稱為Flow yoga。其特點如下:

  • 適合那些喜歡動態練習和節奏感的人。

  • 姿勢間的轉換是流暢的,並與呼吸同步。例如,常見的Sun Salutation,其中每一個動作都與一次呼吸相對應。

  • 由於其流動性和連續性,它可以作為有氧運動,有助於燃燒卡路里。

  • Vinyasa 的速度和難度可能因老師和課程而異。

在 Harbour Harmonics,我們的教練 Mark Cheung 和 Michael Ng 教授流動瑜伽。Mark 在2012年發現了瑜伽,最初是為了尋找新的運動挑戰。他專注於倒立和動態的流動瑜伽,Mark 的活力課程強調力量和獨特的順序。Mark 鼓勵學生傾聽內心的聲音,探索自己身體的獨特性,培養自信和心理平衡。他的課程為無論是經驗豐富的瑜伽愛好者還是初學者,提供了一個可以突破自己的環境。

有別於傳統yoga studio模式,Michael 積極參與社區瑜伽教學。從對辦公室同事、長跑運動員、以至街坊的教學經驗中,他深入地理解瑜伽初學者面臨的挑戰。通過他的瑜伽經歷,他發展出一套有效增強肌肉、舒緩壓力、促進身心平衡的教學方法。

Yin Yoga (陰瑜伽)

Yin 代表靜態、冷和放鬆,與 Yang 的活躍、熱和張力相對。其特點如下:

  • 主要專注於深層的結締組織,如筋膜、韌帶和關節。

  • 姿勢通常會保持3至5分鐘,有時甚至更長。

  • 這種長時間的保持可以幫助放鬆肌肉,並對深層結締組織產生影響。

  • 對於增加柔韌性、減輕壓力和冥想很有幫助。

在 Harbour Harmonics,Yufi 也教授陰瑜伽。作為二級頌缽老師,她了解陰瑜伽和正念的潛能。她的課程旨在傳播積極情緒,促進正念,並為健康和放鬆提供一個寧靜的空間。

每種瑜伽風格都有其特點和好處,來 Harbour Harmonics 嘗試全部吧!

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