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The Ultimate Dream of Runners. Upgrade Membership to Compete for a Spot in the 2024 London Marathon!

As a running enthusiast, have you ever dreamed of participating in one of the world's famous marathons? Now, Harbour Sports Club brings you a rare opportunity: Upgrade to our Full Membership and you could have the chance to participate in the 2024 London Marathon!

How to Compete for This Opportunity?

Upgrade to Full Membership: With an annual fee of £50, you will enjoy various membership benefits, including the chance to participate in the London Marathon 2024, and membership in the England Athletics Association with national-level benefits.

Eligibility Criteria: According to the terms of Harbour Athletic Club (HAC), you must be a paid member of Harbour Sports Club (including Full and Honorary Members) to apply.

Marathon Experience: Applicants must have previously completed a full marathon and provide relevant proof of completion.

Double Chance for First-time Participants: Members who have never participated in the London Marathon will have double the chance of being selected.

Aspire to Represent Harbour Sports Club: The selected member must participate in the race wearing HAC's official running attire.

Selection Criteria: The club will consider applicants' personal information, motivation for participating, and personal running stories comprehensively.

Application Process: Applicants need only complete a form, including basic personal information, whether they have participated in the London Marathon before, and their motivation for participating. The club will select the representative through a random draw.

This is a rare opportunity for you to potentially stand on the starting line of a world-class marathon event. Not only will you experience this international grand event, but you will also share this passion and challenge with runners from all over the world.

Upgrade your membership now, take your mark, and realize your dream!

For information on upcoming running events, please click here.


作為跑步愛好者,您是否夢想著參加世界著名的馬拉松賽事之一?現在,Harbour Sports Club 為您帶來一次難得的機會:升級為我們的正式會員,即有機會參加2024年的倫敦馬拉松賽事!


  1. 升級為正式會員:全年會費為 50 英鎊,您將享有包括參加倫敦馬拉松 2024 在內的多項會員福利,同時包括成為英格蘭田徑協會會籍,享有國家級會籍優惠。

  2. 符合參賽資格:根據Harbour Athletic Club (HAC) 的條款,您必須是 Harbour Sports Club 的付費會員(包括正式會員和榮譽會員)才有資格申請。

  3. 馬拉松經驗:申請者必須之前完成過全程馬拉松,並提供相關完成證明。

  4. 首次參賽雙倍中選機會:從未參加過倫敦馬拉松的會員,可獲雙倍中選機會。

  5. 有志成為 Harbour Sports Club 出賽代表:被選中的會員必須在比賽中穿著 HAC 官方跑步服飾參賽。

  6. 挑選標準:本會將根據參加者提供的資料,並將所有符合資格的參加者以抽籤方式選出代表本會參加的 2024 年倫敦馬拉松的跑手,並在 2024 年 2 月 29 日公佈結果。


申請者只需在2024年2 月23日 23:59 (GMT) 前完成填寫表格,包括簡單個人資料、有否參加過倫敦馬拉松及參賽動機等,本會將透過抽籤方式選出代表出賽。





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