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The Ancient Power of Yoga and Chinese Medicine: Relieving Common Pains and Aches for a Vibrant Life

Moving to a new country can be a life-changing experience. It involves not only adapting to a different place but also redefining our sense of self. Along the way, we may face challenges such as culture shock, family conflicts, financial difficulties, and other stresses. These can affect our well-being, causing various aches and pains.

Ancient wisdom for holistic health

Mastering the art of maintaining balance and happiness in a new environment is essential. Both yoga and traditional Chinese medicine are ancient wisdom from the East. They focus on holistic health, emphasizing the close connection between body, mind, and energy. Achieving harmony among these three aspects ensures genuine health. Through yoga stretches, meditation, and breathing, we can release physical tension, calm mental fluctuations, and regulate energy flow. Coupled with TCM natural remedies, such as acupressure and dietary adjustments, we can further enhance our body's self-healing capabilities.

According to a 2016 survey by The Education University of Hong Kong, nearly 35% of Hong Kong residents suffer from chronic pain. To allow more people to understand and experience the power of both yoga and TCM, Harbour Sports Club recently hosted an event "Chinese Medicine Seminar x Yoga Stretching". We invited Dr Ka Yeung LAI, a Chinese medicine practitioner, to share how to use natural therapy and acupressure to deal with common pain, and we also invited Bronte MOK, a professional yoga instructor, to teach participants some yoga techniques and share tips to help them relax their body and mind and boost their confidence.

Enhance Well-being with Yoga & Traditional Chinese medicine

Dr Lai highlighted that pain, in TCM, falls under the category of "Bi Syndrome." Its causes include external (climate factors), internal (diet, emotions, etc factors), and neither purely internal nor external factors (trauma, strain, etc factors). Given the cold and rainy winters in the UK, it's easy for the body to be invaded by "Cold" and "Damp" pathogenic factors. Although locals may shy away from using umbrellas, he recommends that Hong Kong people use them or at least wear windproof and waterproof jackets. He also advised to consume less cold foods, like ice cream, to prevent the accumulation of "Coldness" and "Dampness" in the body, which may trigger pain. During the seminar, Dr Lai also introduced acupressure techniques for pain relief, which participants found highly beneficial. Register as a free member to watch the seminar replay.

In our new lives, we need stability and rejuvenation, and yoga offers an effective means. Harbour Sports Club plans to conduct more yoga classes in London and Reading, supporting the Hong Kong community. Our yoga courses are suitable for participants of all levels, and we'll be offering community runs, health talks, and sports days in the near future. Join our family and stay updated on our Facebook and Instagram to maintain your well-being in this new environment. Namaste…


Dr Ka Yeung LAI

Lai is a registered Chinese medicine practitioner in Hong Kong and currently practices in London. He graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University with a Bachelor of Chinese Medicine and Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Biomedical Science. He has worked at Pok Oi Hospital - The Chinese University of Hong Kong Clinical Centre for Teaching and Research in Chinese Medicine (Yuen Long). Dr Lai is a caring and patient practitioner who is willing to carefully understand the symptoms and lifestyle habits of each patient. He hopes to utilise his expertise in serving the Hong Kong community even while in the UK.

Bronte MOK

Bronte is an RYT200 Yoga Alliance certified Hatha Yoga and Singing Bowl Therapy instructor who has dedicated the past nine years to the practice and study of yoga. She hopes to enhance her students' physical, mental and spiritual well-being through yoga and singing bowl therapy, guiding them towards a balanced, healthy, healing, and mindful lifestyle. Bronte's teachings are rooted in traditional Hatha Yoga, focusing on proper alignment, breathing techniques, and meditation.

* The views and opinions expressed by the speakers and guests are their own and do not represent the position of Harbour Sports Club.





根據香港教育大學於2016年的調查,發現近三成半港人長期有痛症困擾。為了讓更多人認識與體驗瑜伽及中醫這兩種傳統力量,Harbour Sports Club 最近舉辦了「中醫痛症講座 x 瑜伽伸展」活動,邀請了黎家揚中醫師講解如何用自然療法及穴位按摩處理常見的痛症,並找來專業瑜伽導師 Bronte Mok 教授參加者一些瑜伽動作和技巧,幫助我們放鬆身心,增強自信。



在新生活中,我們需要有一種穩定和恢復的力量,而瑜伽就是一種有效的方法。Harbour Sports Club 計劃在倫敦和雷丁舉辦更多的瑜伽課程,致力支持港人社群。我們的瑜伽課程適合各種程度的學員,未來還有社區跑、健康講座及運動日等活動,歡迎您加入我們的大家庭。同時也請關注我們 FacebookInstagram,一起在這個新的環境保持身心健康。




Bronte MOK

Bronte 是 RYT200 瑜伽聯盟認證的哈達瑜伽和頌缽療法老師,過去9年專注於瑜伽練習及研究,希望透過瑜伽和頌缽療法改善學員的身心靈建康,讓大家走向平衡、健康、療癒及正念的生活。Bronte 的教學植根於傳統的哈達瑜伽基礎上,著重式子的運用、呼吸技巧和冥想。

* 講者及嘉賓的言論純屬個人意見,並不代表本會立場。


Harbour Sports Club recently organized two community runs in Ealing and Reading, with the aim of giving new Hong Kong immigrants a chance to explore their new surroundings, learn about the local culture and history, and make new friends. The runs were led by running guides who shared interesting facts and stories along the way.

為幫助新移英港人融入生活、結識新朋友,Harbour Sports Club 早前在倫敦伊靈和雷丁舉辦了兩場社區跑活動。參加者在領跑員的帶領下,一邊跑步一邊聽故事,了解社區的風土人情和歷史文化。

* The above activities were being supported through the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities regional VCSE grant for the Hong Kong BN(O) Welcome Programme. The responsibility and ownership for any products or materials developed through the project for the event belong to Harbour Sports Club.


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