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Stepping out of your comfort zone: Your Essential Guide to Running in Britain's Chilly Season

Embrace the exhilaration of winter running with our expert guide, crafted to keep you active, healthy, and full of spirit throughout Britain's coolest months. Forget the treadmill blues – step outside and unlock a world of invigorating landscapes and invigorating challenges.

Fueling Your Flame:

Embrace the Warmth: In the brisk winter air, warmth is your ally. The key is not just in the running - it's in the gear. Face masks and gloves become indispensable companions, protecting your hands and cheeks, which are especially vulnerable to the chill. When selecting your running attire, dress as if it’s 5 to 10 degrees warmer than the actual temperature. This approach accounts for the body heat you'll generate as you move.

Footwear fortifies: Swap your airy summer shoes for winter warriors. Opt for trail running shoes or Gore-Tex options that conquer rain, mud, and even the occasional snowfall with confidence. Bonus points for toasty woollen socks!

Safety Shines:

Visibility is key: Short days mean reflective gear becomes your best friend. A headlamp illuminates your path, while bright clothing ensures you're seen against the winter sky.

Icy mornings demand respect: Tread carefully and adjust your pace when needed. Remember, winter sidewalks are often slippery companions.

Warm Up and Ignite:

Respect the cold: Begin your run with a thorough warm-up, focusing on dynamic stretches to prep your muscles and minimize injury.

Finding Your Winter Motivation: Stepping out into the cold can be the toughest part. Find joy and motivation in various forms - from running with friends to the promise of a hearty post-run breakfast. Setting goals, like participating in early spring events such as the Reading Half Marathon, provides a tangible target. Training plans and group challenges can turn winter running into a shared, exhilarating journey.

Embrace the Challenge, Embrace the Community:

Winter running isn't just about battling the cold – it's about pushing your limits, discovering new landscapes, and connecting with a community of like-minded souls. So, lace up your shoes, grab your gear, and join us in conquering the chilly season, together!


踏入冬季,英國的溫度已下降至個位數,部分日子甚至跌到冰點以下。今期《THE HARBOUR》將分享寒冬跑步小貼士,助你在寒冷的季節中保持活力。拋開跑步機的無趣,走出戶外,探索英國的冬日世界。




夏季的通風跑鞋在冬季未必適用,一雙能應對降雨、泥濘及偶爾降雪的越野跑鞋,或 Gore-Tex 鞋款都是不錯的選擇。怕凍的話,再搭配保暖的羊毛襪就更保暖了!








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