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Spring Yoga Classes at Harbour Harmonics: Save the Dates!

As the weather warms up and the sunshine increases, it’s time to come out and participate in the activities at Harbour Harmonics! In addition to our regular yoga classes in March, we will also hold a Wellness Open Day at The Wren School, Reading on 10th March. Instructors Yufi and Bronte will hold three yoga classes on that day, providing a peaceful and focused experience for beginners to advanced practitioners.

We have been holding yoga classes in London for more than half a year. After March, we will temporarily say goodbye to Living Space Waterloo to review the operations and find a more ideal venue. Don’t miss the last three lessons on 2nd, 9th and 16th March!

春季瑜伽課程出爐 記得日子喇!

隨著天氣回暖、日照增長,是時候出來參與 Harbour Harmonics 的身心靈活動!我們在三月除了恆常的瑜伽課程,更特別將於三月十號於 The Wren School, Reading 舉辦 Wellness Open Day,導師 Yufi 及 Bronte 將於當日舉辦三場瑜伽課堂。為初學者到進階練習者提供一個寧靜和專注的體驗。

倫敦方面,我們已經連續舉辦了超過半年瑜伽班,三月過後我們將暫時告別 Living Space Waterloo,整理經驗並找尋更理想場地。三月二號、九號、十六號的最後三課大家切勿錯過。


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