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Prospect junior parkrun to be launched on 5 May

Harbor Sports Club is working with the local community in Reading to organize the new Prospect junior parkrun, which is expected to be held at Prospect Park every Sunday at 9am starting from May 5. junior parkrun is a great opportunity for the community to come together and meet local friends, and we want to encourage everyone to run and volunteer together.


We have currently recruited more than 20 volunteers from Hong Kong and local areas, and they all volunteered at the Dinton Pastures junior parkrun on March 17 to gain experience. We will hold a trial run at Prospect Park on April 28. Friends who are interested in trial running or volunteering can contact us by email at


What is junior parkrun?

junior parkrun is a free, regularly held 2km run designed for children aged 4 to 14 years old. These events take place on Sunday mornings in many countries around the world and aim to encourage children to enjoy the outdoors and live healthy lives through running. junior parkrun provides a safe and fun environment where children can develop motor skills, build confidence and have fun with family and friends. It's easy to get involved, just register online and join junior parkrun on Sunday morning.

Prospect junior parkrun 五月啟動!


Harbour Sports Club 正與雷丁本地社區籌辦全新的 Prospect junior parkrun,預期在五月五日起,每周日早上九時於雷丁 Prospect Park 舉行,這是讓社區齊聚、認識本地朋友的好機會,我們希望鼓勵大家一起奔跑和擔任義工。


我們目前已經招募了超過 20 位來自香港及本地的義工,並已於三月十七號一起於 Dinton Pastures junior parkrun 擔任義工獲取經驗。我們將於四月二十八日於 Prospect Park 舉辦試跑,有興趣試跑或擔任義工的朋友,可電郵至 與我們聯絡。


什麼是 junior parkrun?

junior parkrun 是專為 4 到 14 歲兒童設計的免費、定期舉行的 2 公里跑步活動。 這些活動在全球多個國家的周日早晨進行,旨在鼓勵兒童透過參與跑步來享受戶外活動和健康生活。 junior parkrun 提供一個安全、歡樂的環境,讓兒童可以在其中發展運動技能、建立自信,並與家庭及朋友共享樂趣。報名方式十分簡單,只要在網上註冊,就可在周日早上前來參與。


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