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HSC establishment

Migrating to a new country is never easy. Over 100,000 Hong Kongers have left their home to the other side of the earth and are experiencing the same process. New language, new culture and new lifestyle would certainly have a big impact on most of us. One of the biggest challenges of immigration is to leave our original social circle. The friends we have known since childhood are suddenly thousands of miles and 7 hours away. It is yet not easy to establish a comfortable and reliable social circle in a new country.

We are a group of Hong Kongers who have immigrated/ will immigrate to the UK. We believe that sports does not only help maintain physical health, but also improves mental health and helps build a social circle. One of the most unforgettable experiences in my life was participating in the 100km Trailwalker. My teammates and support team became my best friends. There are many kinds of sports, but one thing in common is that they are international languages when it comes to getting to know the locals. With the objectives of helping Hong Kongers stay healthy, build social circles and get to know the UK, we have established Harbour Sports Club .

Harbour Sports Club will provide a wide range of sports activities for Hong Kongers, as well as other new immigrants and locals to participate in. Our initial efforts will be focused on running and hiking. In the future, when resources permit, we will expand to cover activities such as football, badminton, yoga, and even dragonboat. Our website and social media will be updated regularly to report information and stories about Hong Kongers’ sports participation in the UK. Stay tuned!


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