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Harbour Sports Club 2023 Shines: A Vibrant Finish, a Dynamic Start to 2024

Harbour Sports Club concluded a successful 2023 with "Aerobic Sports Day" in Guildford, marking its impactful year's culmination. Supported by Guildford Hongkongers CIC, the event seamlessly blended the club's established expertise in running events with a thrilling introduction to K-Pop dance, emphasizing the importance of aerobic exercise for overall health and well-being.

The day commenced with a picturesque 5-kilometer run through Guildford's historic streets, immersing participants in the city's charm. Landmarks like Guildford Castle, Guildford Cathedral, the University campus, and High Street served as captivating backdrops, enriching the running experience. The run was followed by an energetic K-Pop dance workshop, led by Hong Kong dancer Scarlett. She effortlessly imparted the fundamentals of K-Pop dance moves, encouraging participants of all levels to embrace the expressive power of music and movement.

Harbour Sports Club's commitment to promoting health and community goes beyond this singular event. Throughout 2023, we hosted nearly 50 diverse events across London, Reading, Oxford, and Guildford. We presented a vibrant mix of initiatives, including community runs, track training sessions, yoga, dance, rope skipping, health seminars, and insightful online webinars.

We are gearing up for an exciting 2024, with plans to launch a wider range of sports initiatives across different regions. These initiatives will be tailored to the needs and interests of Hong Kong's diverse immigrant population, offering them engaging ways to stay active and improve their overall well-being.

Harbour Sports Club warmly invites you and your friends to join us in embarking on an exhilarating journey of sports and community in the new year. Let's get moving and make 2024 truly dynamic!

2023 社區活動 Guildford 落幕 新一年燃動精彩續篇

隨著2023年步入尾聲,Harbour Sports Club 以一場精彩的『有氧運動日』在 Guildford 完美劃下今年的句號。活動在 Guildford Hongkongers CIC 的支持下,當日除了有我們豐富舉辦經驗的跑步活動外,更首次請來香港舞蹈員 Scarlett 老師領教 K-Pop 舞蹈工作坊,推崇有氧運動的健康益處。

當天的市區慢跑活動給參與者帶來了穿越 Guildford 地標的5公里行程,途經歷史悠久的Guildford Castle、Guildford Cathedral、大學區以及 High Street,跑者對這個被譽為英國最宜居地方之一的美麗小鎮都留下深刻印象。下午的K-Pop舞蹈工作坊更成為活動的一大亮點,Scarlett 老師親自傳授基本的 K-Pop 舞步,讓各人在音樂節拍中盡情展現運動潛能,同時體驗 K-Pop 舞蹈的獨特魅力。

過去一年,Harbour Sports Club 已經在 London、Reading、Oxford 及 Guildford 等地方舉辦近50個活動,當中包括社區導賞跑、運動場跑道訓練、瑜伽、跳舞、花式跳繩、健康講座及網上研討會等等。新的一年,我們將會繼續積極在不同地區,為新移英港人舉辦更多樣化項目,鼓勵大家多做運動,並促進身心健康及社區凝聚。Harbour Sports Club 誠摯邀請您們及好友加入我們的行列,共同迎接新一年的運動精彩旅程。


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