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Harbour Sports Club's Weekly Yoga Journey

As a non-profit startup, Harbour Sports Club is passionately dedicated to enhancing the experiences of our participants continuously. We sincerely appreciate your support for the Harbour Harmonics yoga classes. Owing to your patronage, our recent sessions in London are almost at full capacity every week. In our pursuit to offer an improved class experience, we are in the process of acquiring better communal yoga mats, enabling you to achieve more and maximize your comfort during each session!

This October, we are excited to extend the Harbour Harmonics yoga classes to every Saturday at Living Space Waterloo! We will also introduce a broader variety of yoga, including Vinyasa, Hatha, and Restorative Yoga.

For friends in Reading, we will organise yoga classes more frequently from October onwards. Mark your diary for the 8th and 29th of October!

We welcome and value your feedback. Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts on how we can enhance our offerings. We are committed to listening and making every effort to implement positive changes.

For the Yoga Classes details, please click here.


作為一家新成立的非營利機構,Harbour Sports Club一直在積極致力於不斷提升參與者的體驗。衷心感謝您對 Harbour Harmonics 瑜伽課程的支持,我們最近在倫敦的課程幾乎都滿額。為了提供更好的課程體驗,我們目前正在採購更優質的瑜伽墊,讓您可以更加舒適地解鎖更多瑜伽式子!

我們很高興能在十月的所有週六在 Living Space Waterloo 舉辦 Harbour Harmonics 瑜伽課程!我們還將引入更多種類的瑜伽,包括流動瑜伽、哈達瑜伽和恢復瑜伽。

至於雷丁的朋友們,我們從十月份開始會更頻密地舉辦瑜伽班。10 月 8 日和 29 日記得預留時間上堂!




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* The above activities were being supported through the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities regional VCSE grant for the Hong Kong BN(O) Welcome Programme. The responsibility and ownership for any products or materials developed through the project for the event belong to Harbour Sports Club.


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