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Harbour Sports Club featured in a SCMP article

We are excited to share the recent article on SCMP featuring Harbour Sports Club, highlighting our mission to support migrants through running and community. Published under the title of “‘You need friends’: how a sports club set up by UK-based Hong Kong quartet helps fellow migrants cope with stress and adversity through running” the article highlights our aims to help fellow migrants cope with stress and adversity.

The article underlined our success as a community in the Reading Half Marathon, where we trained around 60 Hong Kong runners to race under the “Reading 21” training programme. It also mentioned our belief about sports, that it helps our diverse community de-stress and build connections.

We now have over 100 members and offer individualized coaching programs and weekly yoga classes in London. We are working hard to roll out more activities for our members, including regular community runs in London and Reading.

Together, let's continue building a strong community that supports one another in overcoming challenges and achieving well-being through sports!

Article here >>>


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