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Harbour Athletic Club Celebrates Prestigious Award: England Athletics' Community Project of the Year

Celebrating a remarkable year of fostering community spirit and promoting wellness, Harbour Athletic Club proudly marks its first anniversary with a significant accolade – the England Athletics' "Community Project of the Year" award for the Southeast Region. This prestigious recognition underlines our unwavering commitment to integrating new immigrant communities through sports.

Over the past year, Harbour Sports Club has been a cornerstone in the assimilation of new immigrants, offering a plethora of sports initiatives. We've tackled the challenges newcomers face in a foreign land, turning sports into a unifying force. Our partnership with Reading Borough Council has been instrumental in this journey, supporting our mission wholeheartedly.

A highlight of our year was the successful execution of the "Reading 21" Reading Half Marathon Training Program. This 11-week initiative combined rigorous running training with rejuvenating yoga sessions and enlightening webinars led by elite runners from Hong Kong. We reached nearly 60 participants, not just improving their physical and mental well-being but also knitting closer community ties.

This award from England Athletics is more than a trophy; it's a symbol of the hard work, dedication, and community spirit that embodies Harbour Athletic Club. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Reading HK Runners, whose support has been pivotal in elevating our impact in Reading.

Our co-founder, Michael Ng, aptly captured our ethos at the awards ceremony: “In the past two years, 150,000 people have moved from Hong Kong to the UK. Amidst the challenges and stress of relocation, many have abandoned running. We aim to encourage their re-engagement and promote physical and mental well-being through integration within the local community."

Looking ahead, we're excited to announce the upcoming second edition of "Reading 21". This year, we're elevating the experience with track runs, road running sessions, and specialised yoga classes tailored for runners. The details will be unveiled soon – so keep your eyes peeled for updates!

Harbour Athletic Club stands as a testament to what can be achieved when we come together in the spirit of sports and community.

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Harbour Athletic Club 榮獲 England Athletics「年度社區項目」大獎

凝聚社區和推動健康生活一直都是 Harbour Athletic Club 的創辦目的。很榮幸在 Harbour Athletic Club 成立一周年之際,榮獲 England Athletics 英國東南區「年度社區項目」的重要殊榮。這個獎項是對我們的加許和鼓勵,亦是對透過體育讓新移民融入社區這個宗旨的肯定。

在過去的一年裡,Harbour Sports Club 已成為新移民融入社區的關鍵力量,藉着豐富多元的體育活動,幫助他們克服在異國他鄉所面臨的挑戰,將體育運動轉化為團結的力量。Reading Borough Council 的大力支持是我們這個項目成功的關鍵,使我們在資源充足下全心全意地為社區出綿薄之力。


England Athletics 的這個獎項不僅是一座獎杯,它同時認可了 Harbour Athletic Club 所有的努力和勤奮、團隊的無私奉獻和社區精神。我們亦要向 Reading HK Runners 表示衷心的感謝,他們的支持令我們更有效地推動社區協作精神,活動的成功他們功不可沒。

我們的創始人之一 Michael Ng 在頒獎典禮上深刻表達了我們的理念:「 過去兩年,有15萬香港人移居英國。面對重新定居的挑戰和壓力,許多人放棄了跑步。我們的目標是鼓勵他們重拾跑步,通過運動更快地融入當地社區,促進身心健康。」


Harbour Athletic Club 站立於體育與融入精神的交匯點,建立移居人士與所屬社區的橋梁,攜手共享社區生活的美好。

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