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Happy New Year from Harbour Harmonics! Have you started thinking about your 2024 resolutions? 

Just 1 hour per week - yoga improves your strength and flexibility, both physically and mentally. Starting from January 2024, Harbour Harmonics will offer regular yoga classes in both London and Reading. To make beginners more comfortable with taking the first step, we have categorized the classes by their difficulty. Level 0 is the simplest and Level 1 is slightly more advanced. In the future, we will have Level 2 classes which teach more challenging poses like handstands.

The yoga classes in Reading will be grouped under “Harbour Harmonics” from January onwards (it was previously grouped under “Community Activities”). Registration can be done in the “Harbour Harmonics” section of our website. 

Let’s step up our efforts in 2024. See you on the yoga mat!

For details and registration, please click here.

Harbour Harmonic 祝大家新年快樂!新年新目標,你想好你的目標了嗎?

每星期一小時,瑜伽已經可以提升你的力量和柔軟度,亦可以改善精神健康。由2024年1月起,Harbour Harmonics 在倫敦和雷丁都會提供定期瑜伽班。為令初學者更易上手,我們特別為課堂劃分了難易度,Level 0最簡單,Level 1則稍為進階,日後更會推出Level 2和大家一起練習較複雜的 handstand 等動作。

雷丁的課堂由1月起會歸類在 Harbour Harmonics 之下(之前歸類在 Community Activities 之下),大家可以在網站上的 Harbour Harmonics 分頁完成登記。




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