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February Yoga Blast: 8 Classes in Reading! Dive into Mindfulness with Harbor Harmonics

Apart from understanding yoga poses and movements, the path to yoga also requires repeated practice in order to feel the positive impact on the body, mind and soul through physical exercise.

Thanks to the enthusiastic support of friends in Reading, Harbor Harmonics will hold eight yoga classes in Reading in February. Class types include hatha, vinyasa, yin, singing bowl, stretching and standing balance workshops.

Mark will have two classes on the first Sunday in February. In the first standing balance class, he will explain basic yoga postures, and guide everyone to use their thighs and core muscles to complete standing balance movements. The second class is vinyasa, allowing you to immerse yourself in one hour of continuous yoga poses and experience the lightness of your body's smooth movement. If you want a little cardio, the second class is perfect for you.

In addition, we will trial small class practice on Wednesday evenings, which is especially suitable for students with a foundation in yoga to focus on practice. In the small class, our instructor can also interact with each student and provide personal guidance in a timely manner. Bronte will lead the first small hatha class on the evening of 7th February.

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新一年感謝雷丁朋友的踴躍支持,Harbour Harmonics 將於二月在雷丁舉辦八課瑜伽,課堂種類包括 Hatha、Vinyasa、Yin、Singing Bowl、Stretching 及 Standing balance workshop。

二月的第一個週日,Mark 老師將有兩節課堂。第一節是 Standing balance 課,繼續向同學講解基本瑜伽站姿,引導大家運用大腿及核心肌肉群組,完成站立平衡的動作。第二節課屬於 Dynamic 系統的 Vinyasa basic,讓您沉浸於一小時連貫的瑜伽式子,行雲流水地體驗身體暢動的輕快感受。假如想要一點帶氧運動,第二節課非常適合您。

此外,我們將試辦週三晚上的小班練習,特別適合有瑜伽根底的學員可以專注練習,小班內老師亦可與每位學員互動,適時提供個人指導。Bronte 老師將於二月七日晚上帶領第一班小班 Hatha 課堂。



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