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Energize Your November Mornings with Harbour Harmonics Yoga!

In November, we will continue to organise yoga classes every Saturday at Living Space Waterloo. We know the weather is getting cold and sunrise is getting late. But Harbour Harmonics yoga is a great reason for you to wake up early, and reconnect your body and mind after a week’s hard work!

For our regular yoga classes on the 4th, 18th and 25th of November, you can register here as usual. On 11th November, we will organise the Harbour Harmonics Wellness Open Day and there is a special registration page here. If you are joining any of the running, yoga, or rope skipping activities on the Wellness Open Day, remember to join us for FREE beer or non-alcoholic drinks afterwards!

Last but not least, don’t forget to follow our Facebook and Instagram to get our latest updates!

Harbour Harmonics 恆常瑜珈 為您的 11 月早晨注入活力

在11月我們將繼續每週六在 Living Space Waterloo 舉辦瑜珈課程。我們知道天氣愈來愈冷,日出也愈來愈晚。但 Harbour Harmonics 瑜珈是讓你在一週的辛苦工作後,重新連結身心靈的絕佳起床理由!

我們 11 月 4 日、18 日和 25 日的常規瑜伽課程,可如常在這裡報名。而在11 月 11 日,我們將首次舉辦 Harbour Harmonics Wellness Open Day,當日所有活動都可以在這裡註冊。如果你參加當日的任何跑步、瑜伽或跳繩活動,請記得在活動結束後和我們一起暢飲免費啤酒或非酒精飲品!

最後不要忘記關注我們的 FacebookInstagram 以獲取我們的最新資訊!


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* The above activities were being supported through the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities regional VCSE grant for the Hong Kong BN(O) Welcome Programme. The responsibility and ownership for any products or materials developed through the project for the event belong to Harbour Sports Club.


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