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Embracing October's Vitality Despite Autumn's Breeze

As the embrace of autumn grows ever tighter, the importance of staying active and invigorated shines through. This month, Harbour Sports Club is thrilled to unveil an array of exhilarating activities, expanding our horizons to fresh venues and fostering deeper ties with the British-Hong Kong community. Beyond our weekly yoga sessions in London, we've arranged for three yoga practices in Reading. We are pleased to collaborate with Reading Yoga Studio. This partnership provides a serene oasis for participants, enriched by the calming aroma of sage and guided by seasoned instructors, ensuring a holistic journey for the mind, body, and soul. In addition to our steadfast commitment to running sessions in London and Reading, we're ecstatic to announce a maiden collaboration with Oxfordshire HongKongers CIC, hosting sessions at the picturesque Tilsley Park in Oxford. This rendezvous saw a delightful mix of attendees from London, Reading, and Oxford — with an inspiring turnout of young enthusiasts. Amidst the russet and gold of falling leaves, friendships were forged, and plans were laid for another gathering next month at Reading's vibrant Palmer Park Stadium. As we stride into the future, our momentum remains unbroken. Come November, we're not just adding fresh athletic experiences to our repertoire; we're also rolling out the red carpet for our inaugural Wellness Open Day in London. Dive into a plethora of stimulating activities and after channelling that energy, join fellow sports aficionados for a refreshing drink at the bar. This is more than an event; it's an experience. Circle 11/11 on your calendar. We can't wait to see you there!

Wellness Open Day

Nov 11, 2023 / 10:00~16:00


For event details and registration, please click here.


秋意漸濃,儘管已迎來清涼的季節,但我們的熱情卻不減反增。今個月,Harbour Sports Club 精心策劃了一系列精彩活動,並探索了新的舉辦地點,接觸更多在英港人。

除了每週在倫敦舉行的恆常瑜伽班外,我們今個月再次踏足雷丁,舉辦了三次瑜伽練習,這亦是我們正式與 Reading Yoga 專業瑜伽室攜手合作的開始,讓大家能在寧靜氛圍,和伴隨淡淡鼠尾草香的環境中,享受由經驗豐富的導師精心安排的瑜伽練習,一起保持身心靈健康。

此外,我們不僅持續在倫敦和雷丁舉辦跑步練習,還首次與 Oxfordshire HongKongers CIC 合作,於牛津的 Tilsley Park 舉行了跑步訓練。這次活動匯聚了來自倫敦、雷丁和牛津的街坊,吸引了眾多新面孔參加。大家在紅葉相伴下結識新朋友,並約定下月在雷丁運動場再聚。

接下來,我們當然不會停下腳步。在十一月,我們將帶來全新的運動體驗,首次在倫敦舉辦「Wellness Open Day」。當天將有跑步、瑜伽和花式跳繩等活動,運動愛好者一起揮曬汗水後,再一同到酒吧一起暢飲交流。機會難得,11月11日,約定您!

Wellness Open Day

Nov 11, 2023 / 10:00~16:00




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* The above activities were being supported through the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities regional VCSE grant for the Hong Kong BN(O) Welcome Programme. The responsibility and ownership for any products or materials developed through the project for the event belong to Harbour Sports Club.


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