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Embracing Fitness: Harbour Sports Club's Successful London Wellness Open Day

Harbour Sports Club marked a significant milestone with its inaugural Wellness Open Day in London, culminating in enthusiastic participation from members and fitness enthusiasts. The event served as a testament to HSC's year-long journey of growth, signifying our evolution from an amateur sports club to a thriving community, and it facilitated the integration of new immigrants from Hong Kong into the local community.

A Day of Wellness and Fun

The day began with the invigorating Big Ben 4km Shake Out Run, immersing participants in the distinctive urban ambience along the banks of the River Thames. Amidst the wintry sunlight, runners experienced the bustling energy of London's running culture. This was followed by two sessions of vinyasa flow and singing bowl yoga, led by Mark and Yufi respectively, which allowed participants to embrace the joy of mind-body harmony through yoga movements and immerse themselves in the tranquil space of singing bowl audio, easing away stress and tension.

The highlight of the day was the debut of the Rope Skipping Workshop, featuring guidance by Mike Chan, the male team third-place winner (Age 16+) of the IJRU Virtual World Championship 2021. Despite most members encountering this physically demanding and skill-intensive challenge for the first time, the activity proved to be uniquely enjoyable. Whether engaging in solo freestyle skipping or the "double dutch", participants exhibited remarkable dedication and seemingly boundless energy throughout.

The day was not just about physical well-being but also about community spirit and joy. Participants indulged in refreshing free beer or non-alcoholic drinks afterwards, fostering a sense of camaraderie and celebration.

Continued Growth Together

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all participants, volunteers, and instructors whose involvement contributed to the resounding success of the Wellness Open Day.

In December, alongside our regular yoga classes in London, we will be organizing various activities including running, yoga, and dancing classes in different cities. In an exciting expansion, we will be expanding into Guildford for the first time. This marks our fourth location following London, Reading, and Oxford. We encourage all Harbour Sports Club members to take an active part in our upcoming events, fostering a culture of fitness among friends and family. Embrace the joy inherent in physical activity and welcome the future with a sound mind and body!

To watch the event highlights, please click here.

For upcoming activities, please click here.

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健康啟航:Harbour Sports Club 首辦 Wellness Open Day

Harbour Sports Club 於倫敦舉辦的首屆 Wellness Open Day 圓滿結束,活動吸引了近百會員與運動愛好者參與,彰顯體育會成立一年來的重要里程碑。這次活動不僅見證了 HSC 的成長歷程,也標誌著我們從業餘體育會發展成為一個屬於香港人的運動社群,促進了新移英港人融入社區。


當天活動由激動人心的 Big Ben 4公里 Shake Out Run 揭開序幕,讓參與者沉浸在泰晤士河畔獨有的都市氛圍中,在冬日陽光下,與倫敦獨特的路跑文化交融。接著由 Mark 和 Yufi 帶領的兩場流動瑜伽和頌缽瑜伽,不僅讓參與者透過瑜伽動作體驗身心合一的愉悅,更能在頌缽音頻中沉澱身心,享受緩解壓力的寧靜氛圍。

當天的重頭戲是全新推出的跳繩工作坊,活動由2021世界跳繩虛擬錦標賽男子組(16歲以上)季軍成員 Mike Chan 親自指導。儘管多數會員首次嘗試這項高度挑戰體能與技巧的運動,但活動仍充滿了獨特的樂趣。不論是個人花式跳繩體驗還是「跳大繩」環節,參與者皆表現出非凡的投入,展現出源源不絕的活力。



衷心感謝所有參與者、義工和導師的熱情參與,為這次 Wellness Open Day 的成功貢獻力量。12月份,除了在倫敦的定期瑜伽課程外,我們還將於不同城市舉辦跑步、瑜伽和跳舞等多樣活動,並將首次踏足 Guildford,這將是我們繼倫敦、雷丁和牛津後的第四個活動地點。我們鼓勵所有 Harbour Sports Club 的會員踴躍參與未來的活動,與朋友和家人一同培養運動的習慣。樂在運動中,迎接未來的健康生活!



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* The above activities were being supported through the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities regional VCSE grant for the Hong Kong BN(O) Welcome Programme. The responsibility and ownership for any products or materials developed through the project for the event belong to Harbour Sports Club.


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