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Embrace Wellness with Harbour Harmonics: A Look Back at November's Activities

As the chill of November crept in, Harbour Harmonics remained a beacon of warmth and vitality, offering a suite of invigorating activities. Every Saturday, Living Space Waterloo provided a space for a sanctuary of serenity with our yoga classes. These sessions weren't just exercises; they were a celebration of the harmony between body and mind, a perfect escape after a week of hustle.

Our regular yoga gatherings on the 4th, 18th, and 25th of November saw enthusiastic participation, with members and newcomers alike rekindling their inner peace amidst the hustle of city life. The registration process, seamless as always, ensured everyone could easily join this journey of wellness.

The highlight of the month was undoubtedly the Harbour Harmonics Wellness Open Day on November 11th. This special event expanded our usual yoga offering to include running and rope skipping activities, catering to a diverse range of fitness enthusiasts.

As we reflect on the vibrant energy and positive vibes of November, we at Harbour Sports Club remain dedicated to nurturing a community where health and happiness go hand in hand. Stay tuned for more exciting activities as we stride into the winter months with enthusiasm and a shared passion for wellness!

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擁抱健康 — 與 Harbour Harmonics 共度十一月

即使十一月的寒意悄然來臨,Harbour Harmonics 的溫暖和活力卻從未離開,我們一直致力為大家安排讓人為之一振的活動。每逢周六,我們會在 Living Space Waterloo 提供瑜伽班,使這個角落成為鬧市中難得平靜的綠洲。瑜伽不僅在鍛煉身體,更使我們關注當下,讓身心靈和諧合一,在經歷完繁忙的一週後能有所安頓。


本月的亮點無疑是11月11日的 Harbour Harmonics Wellness Open Day。在這特別的日子,我們不單有恆常的瑜伽班,當日還有跑步和跳繩活動,大家因此都體驗到不同運動所帶來的樂趣。

回顧了十一月不絕的活力和正能量後,只想讓大家知道,我們 Harbour Sports Club 致力於推動一個健康與快樂並重的社區,支持人與人間的連繫。敬請期待更多令人熱血沸騰的活動,我們將以熱情和熱忱迎接冬季的來臨!

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12 月份 Harbour Harmonics 在倫敦的常規瑜伽課,可如常在這裡報名。

Harbour Sports Club 是你的大家庭 —— 在這裡,每一則更新都是你尋找樂趣、健身和友誼的機會!


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