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Community Connections and Fitness Fun: Wellness Open Day 2024 Highlights

The Harbour Sports Club recently wrapped up its highly successful Wellness Open Day 2024, held on March 10th in Reading. The event served as a vibrant gathering, bringing together over 100 HSC members and newcomers for a day filled with camaraderie and physical activity.

One standout feature of the day was the introduction of three major activities and friendly matches, offering participants an opportunity to engage and connect. As the event fell on Mother's Day Sunday, it added an extra layer of warmth and joy to the occasion as members and newcomers alike shared in the festivities.

In an exciting collaboration with the local community in Reading, Harbour Sports Club is gearing up to launch the new Prospect junior parkrun this May. This initiative aims to foster stronger community connections and friendships, with a special "Family Run" segment introduced during the Wellness Open Day. This segment offered local Hong Kong families a chance to experience the concept and route of the junior parkrun, encouraging both adults and children to embrace the pleasures of outdoor exercise together.

The day also featured tailored yoga sessions led by our esteemed instructors, Yufi Yip & Bronte Mok. From purifying flow yoga to Hatha yoga focusing on breathwork, and static yoga with singing bowls, participants were invited to explore a diverse range of yoga practices aimed at rejuvenating both body and mind.

Adding to the excitement was Reading's inaugural badminton match exclusively for Hongkongers. Teams including Readminton, Woodley Badminton Group, and UoR Knights Badminton from the University of Reading competed in a series of intense matches across various categories. Congratulations to Woodley Badminton Group for their victory in the men's doubles team event!

Looking ahead, Harbour Sports Club remains committed to offering regular running training and yoga sessions in the Southeast region. Stay tuned for weekly updates on upcoming events, and join us in future activities and classes as we continue to share the boundless joys that sports bring.

Wellness Open Day 2024 圓滿落幕

Harbour Sports Club 於三月十日在雷丁成功舉辦了 Wellness Open Day 2024,活動吸引了逾100位會員和新朋友參加,共度了四小時包括跑步、瑜伽及羽毛球友誼賽的歡樂時光。正值母親節的周日,眾人歡聚一堂,共享愉快的下午!

Harbour Sports Club 正與雷丁本地社區合作,預計自今年五月起啟動全新的 Prospect junior parkrun,旨在促進社區交流和友誼。因此,我們特別為今次的 Wellness Open Day 增設了「親子跑」環節,向參加的本地香港家庭介紹 junior parkrun 的理念和路線,並邀請大人和小朋友一同參與,享受戶外運動的樂趣。

此外,HSC Harbour Hamonics 的兩位常駐瑜伽老師 Yufi Yip 和 Bronte Mok 也參與其中,帶領不同需求的瑜伽愛好者展開身心靈的練習。課程包括淨化的流動瑜伽、強調呼吸的哈達瑜伽以及結合頌砵的靜態瑜伽,讓會員在三堂不同主題的課程中,探索瑜伽鍛練的多樣性,舒展身心。

Wellness Open Day 2024 的另一亮點是雷丁首屆只屬於香港人的羽毛球友誼賽。三隊在地香港人組織的羽毛球隊:雷羽Readminton、Woodley Badminton Group、與雷丁大學UoR Knights Badminton,展開了連場激戰,賽事包括男子單打、女子單打、男女混雙以及男子雙打的團體賽。最後再次恭喜 Woodley Badminton Group 贏得男子雙人隊際冠軍!感謝每一位球手和前來觀戰的觀眾熱烈支持。

Harbour Sports Club 將繼續在東南部地區舉辦定期的長跑訓練和瑜伽練習,請密切關注我們每週公布的最新活動資訊。期盼在未來的活動和課程中再次與大家相見,共同享受運動帶來的喜悅。


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