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A New Beginning in the New Year. Harbour Sports Club's Membership Plan Gets a Major Upgrade!

As we step into a new year, we embrace a fresh start. In this year filled with hope and challenges, Harbour Sports Club invites every runner, each with their unique running aspirations, to join our running club and realize their running dreams together. Whether you're aiming for consistent training, enhancing physical strength and endurance, aspiring to challenge your next marathon and long-distance running goals, or wishing to craft a better athletic physique, our newly upgraded membership plan will provide you with professional support and endless opportunities.

Membership Plan Upgraded to Three Levels

In this new year, we are excited to introduce three different levels of membership plans, catering to the diverse needs and goals of our runners:

Rookie Members:

Existing members at the free tier will automatically become Rookie Members, enjoying the right to participate in two of our club's running training sessions for free in 2024.

Full Members:

With an annual fee of £50, Full Members will enjoy a range of exclusive benefits. This includes free participation in our club's running training sessions for free (until April 2024), professional marathon training programs, exclusive privileges as England Athletics Association members, a special club T-shirt (worth a total value of £120), and the opportunity to represent the club in the London Marathon 2024.

Donor Members:

An annual fee of £100 qualifies you as an Honorary Member. You will enjoy all the benefits of a Full Member, with £50 of your fee acting as a donation to support the operations and public liability insurance of Harbour Sports Club, making a significant contribution to the club's ongoing development.

We look forward to growing closer with you in the new year, achieving personal growth in both body and mind, and creating a running community full of challenges and fun for every member.

For more details and membership information, please follow our official website and social media platforms.

新年新起點!Harbour Sports Club 會籍計劃全新升級!

新一年,我們迎來了全新的開始。在這個充滿希望和挑戰的新年裡,Harbour Sports Club 邀請每一位懷著不同跑步初心的跑手,一起加入我們的跑會,共同實現跑步夢想。無論您是追求持之以恒的訓練、加強體能及耐力的跑手,還是立志挑戰下一個馬拉松和長跑目標的運動員,亦或是希望鍛練出更佳的運動員體格的跑步愛好者,我們的全新會籍計劃都將為您提供專業的支持和無限的機會。








全年會費為100英鎊。作為榮譽會員,您將享有所有正式會員的福利,其中50英鎊將作為捐款,用於支持 Harbour Sports Club 的營運和公共責任保險,為本會的持續發展做出重要貢獻。




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