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Regular Running Sessions

2024 Regular Running / London / Reading


2024 Harbour Sports Club Regular Running session

In the new year, we continue to move forward, never stopping.

We firmly believe that consistent training is an essential daily routine for runners, whether the goal is to improve endurance, train the physique, or set sights on challenging the next marathon and long-distance races. The Harbour Athletic Club's new membership program will provide you with professional support and unlimited opportunities. As an affiliate of England Athletics, we regularly hold professional running training at different athletics tracks across the UK, offering systematic training that includes interval runs, tempo runs, and variable pace runs, tailored for runners of all abilities and backgrounds. This ensures everyone can enjoy the fun of exercising and running while building a community that loves sports.

Starting today, upgrade to Full Member to participate for free in our regularly scheduled road and track training sessions (until late April), helping you improve your techniques and prepare for the upcoming series of marathons and long-distance races this year. For Rookie Members who have not upgraded, you will have the opportunity to experience two regular running sessions for free.


我們深信,持之以恒的訓練是跑者必不可少的日常,目標不論是加強耐力,鍛練體格,還是立志挑戰下一個馬拉松和長跑比賽,Harbour Athletic Club 全新會籍計劃將為您提供專業的支持和無限的機會。

作為 England Athletics 的屬會,我們定期在英國不同地區的田徑場,舉辦專業的跑步訓練,提供系統化訓練,結合間歇跑、節奏跑及變速跑,配合不同配速,適合所有能力或背景的跑手參與,確保所有人都可享受做運動及跑步的樂趣,同時建立一個熱愛運動的社群。

即日起升級成為正式會員(Full Member),即可免費參加我們定期舉辦的路跑及跑道訓練(至4月下旬),助你提升技術,迎戰今年即將舉行連場馬拉松及長跑比賽。新手會員(Rookie Member)亦可免費體驗2次路跑或跑道訓練。

1. Please come dressed in comfortable and appropriate attire suitable for the activity.
2. Harbour Sports Club has secured insurance for all participants. Please note that registration is a prerequisite for participation.

1. 請穿著舒適及適合運動的衣物。
2. Harbour Sports Club 已為活動購買保險,參加者必須事先登記,才可出席活動。

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Community Group:

The Regular Track Runs are being supported through the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities regional VCSE grant for the Hong Kong BN(O) Welcome Programme. The responsibility and ownership for any products or materials developed through the project for the event belong to Harbour Sports Club.

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