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Community Yoga Class

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Community Yoga Class
Community Yoga Class


Date & Location: See tickets

About the event

Community Yoga Class

Yoga is not just a series of physical exercises; it is a spiritual practice that connects the body and the inner self. Adapting to the new environment and climate is a challenge faced by many Hong Kong residents who relocate to the UK. Harbour Harmonics' mission is not only to provide a unique health experience but also to create a community advocating for a healthy lifestyle.

Our yoga series integrates various poses and mindfulness, achieving a balance of the mind, body, and spirit. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yoga enthusiast, following our professional instructors and engaging in a diverse range of yoga programs will meet your needs on this yoga journey. Join us now to discover the nourishing power of yoga for the body, mind, and spirit, and together, let's pursue a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. At Harbour Harmonics, we look forward to sharing this beautiful and meaningful yoga journey with you.

瑜伽,不只是一招一式的身體鍛練,更是連接身體和內心的心靈修煉。重新適應新環境和氣候的轉變,是很多港人移英後所面對的挑戰,Harbour Harmonics 的使命不僅是提供獨特的健康體驗,更是創造一個倡導健康生活的社群,我們的瑜伽系列融合各種體式和正念,實現身心靈的平衡,讓您由學習呼吸到增強柔韌的體能,從伸展運動中享受到寧靜和放鬆的時刻,無論您是新手還是經驗豐富的瑜伽愛好者,跟隨我們專業的導師,以及豐富多樣的瑜伽項目,都能滿足您在瑜伽之旅中的需求。

現在就加入我們,從瑜伽中找到滋養身體、心靈和精神的力量,一起追求可持續的健康生活。在Harbour Harmonics,我們期待與您一同體驗這段美好而有意義的瑜伽旅程。


1. Please come dressed in comfortable and appropriate attire suitable for the activity. 

2. Harbour Sports Club has secured insurance for all participants. Please note that registration is a prerequisite for participation.


1. 請穿著舒適及適合運動的衣物。 

2. Harbour Sports Club 已為活動購買保險,參加者必須事先登記,才可出席活動。


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Community Group: 

The Yoga Class is being supported through the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities regional VCSE grant for the Hong Kong BN(O) Welcome Programme. The responsibility and ownership for any products or materials developed through the project for the event belong to Harbour Sports Club.

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